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Welcome to Editorials in Hindi, your number one source for all the ready-to-grasp newspaper Editorial content readily translated into Hindi, exclusively for Hindi medium-based UPSC aspirants. We’re dedicated to giving you the translation of editorials/articles from various prestigious newspapers and magazines. We are trying our best to update the editorials on daily basis with quality translation while keeping in view the expectations of our readers/aspirants. Further, we think that this platform editorialhindi.in is the first of its kind as our Content Editor is also a UPSC aspirant who felt the need for such a platform for his Hindi medium-based friends and acquaintances.

Founded in 2022 by Vinay Kumar Sharma sole proprietor of EliteAppzCreations along with Akshay Kumar Sharma through their website Editorials Hindi available at https://editorialshindi.in brings you the most comprehensive, trustworthy, fruitful, and time savvy translations of the Editorials that are published in various newspapers as well as magazines.

The contextual translations published through our website Editorials Hindi are carefully analyzed and translated by none other than UPSC aspirants themselves and guarantee 100% accuracy. This can guide a mass number of current affairs aspirants who are/will be tentatively going to occur in various competitive examinations. When founders at EliteAppzCreations first started out, their passion for helping worthy students as well as aspirants drove them to do tons of research. So, EliteAppzCreations through Editorials Hindi accessible at https://editorialshindi.in can offer you a competitive differentiator. We now serve students/aspirants all over the country and are thrilled that we’re able to turn our passion into our own website.

Test Series

We have also started Online Prelims Test Series for all the deserving UPSC-CSE aspirants, who want to crack UPSC 2023 Prelims Exam, can join our Test Series at minimal fees. (Rs.3543/- only)

Details of Prelims Test Series:

  • The Test Series contains a total of 25 General Studies (GS) Tests for Paper-1 Prelims
  • The GS test series is categorized into 15 Section-wise Tests (SWTs) with one NCERT- based test & 10 whole syllabus-wise Tests (WSWT).
  • Questions in the test series will be based on UPSC’s trend, a significant number of questions are introduced in the test series, based on their relevance and occurrence in current
  • Detailed explanation along with answer key will be provided after each
  • Holistic coverage of Prelims syllabus through Section-wise tests (SWT) and whole syllabus-wise tests (WSWT).
  • This test series ensure multiple revisions of the subjects with a focus on both topics of Current affairs and static (i.e. NCERT)
  • Subject-wise and topic-wise tests will help candidates track their mistakes, identify weaknesses in the preparation and improve their performance through reading and revision of answer keys
  • Fees: 3543/- (including GST)
  • Mode of tests: Online
  • All GS Prelims Tests will be held only on
  • The Test Series will be bilingual: Both Hindi/English language.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. While if you have any concerns about the content being published or any feedback regarding the quality or accuracy of our content please feel free to contact our Editor at [email protected].

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