Medhavi UPSC-CSE Prelims Test Series 2023 (English Version)

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  • The Test Series contains a total of 25 General Studies (GS) Tests for Paper-1 Prelims with 100 Questions each.
  • The GS test series is categorized into 15 Section-wise Tests (SWTs) with one NCERT- based test & 10 whole syllabus-wise Tests (WSWT).
  • Every new test will be released on Sundays.
  • Test language: English


  • Questions in the test series will be based on UPSC’s trend, a significant number of questions are introduced in the test series, based on their relevance and occurrence in current news.
  • Detailed explanation along with answer key will be provided after each test.
  • Holistic coverage of Prelims syllabus through Section-wise tests (SWT) and whole syllabus-wise tests (WSWT).
  • This test series ensure multiple revisions of the subjects with a focus on both topics of Current affairs and static (i.e. NCERT) portion.
  • Subject-wise and topic-wise tests will help the candidates in tracking their mistakes, identify weaknesses in the preparation and improve their performance through reading and revision of answer keys.
  • Syllabus are being provided along with Tests.

18 reviews for Medhavi UPSC-CSE Prelims Test Series 2023 (English Version)

  1. Vineet Tripathi (verified owner)

    Questions asked in Test Series are upto the mark. The quality of the Test Series is really good and comprehensive

  2. Amit (verified owner)

    Thanks for this test series, the types of questions are exactly like that asked in Upsc prelims.

  3. Anuj Jha (verified owner)

    Quite comprehensive tests, The platform is quite user-friendly and caters to our requirement of candidate registration, multi-lingual support, image proctoring, report generation etc. Thanks

  4. Randhir Dwivedi (verified owner)

    The tests contains effective solutions and inputs that will help ease exam stress and prepare adequately for the final hurdle UPSC.
    Thnx alot

  5. Viraj Kumar (verified owner)

    I want to say that your service is good, the test series helped us to organize our preparation. Members from distant places can register easily.

  6. Abhishek Chauhan (verified owner)

    I am very thankful to all of your team for entire support for preparation of the examination. We are able to execute our Online Test Process with secure browsers seamlessly. Thanks once again.

  7. Pritam Agarwal (verified owner)

    The test was done smoothly and successfully. Thank you once again and look forward to your continuous support.

  8. Harshit Sharma (verified owner)

    Thanq sir, test ke baad explained answer padhne se aur bhi fayada hoga. ....

  9. Rohit Ray (verified owner)

    test series is are prompt and efficient in dealings with upsc syllabus, and provided the best solutions to all problems......

  10. Neeraj Singh (verified owner)

    depth of question is just like upsc exam....really good

  11. Aditya Yadav (verified owner)

    I found it relaxing to be able to turn my preparation on the test series and test at my leisure when I had the time. Now more internet research is not required for me.

  12. Nidhi Sharma (verified owner)

    I never expected to learn so much from an online test series, thnx sir

  13. PriyaSingh (verified owner)

    I really liked the flexibility of this course. It worked well with busy scheduling, and the expectations were clear and upfront.

  14. Namita (verified owner)

    Nice tests, I also like the answers explanation notes given by the admin. They were easy to follow and very informative....Thank you

  15. Purnima (verified owner)

    It is a very straightforward test series, which is good for me because I have never taken an online test before...Thnks admin sir

  16. Vishal (verified owner)

    This tests are pretty challenging yet it is fun to take the online tests, simultaneously to apply the knowledge gained during preparation.

  17. Mamta (verified owner)

    Thanks, This was an opportunity I was not given at my current coaching. Thanks again

  18. Shivam (verified owner)

    sir, kya tests series ke answer se notes bna ke help milegi......plzzz reply

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