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Best Telegram Channels for UPSC: UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission, UPSC conducts UPSC-CSE or UPSC-Civil Services Examination every year purposely for the recruitment of IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, etc officers. It is the most prestigious and one of the toughest exams which are conducted in India. If you are a UPSC aspirant, you would have definitely felt the need or searched somewhere the online resources to prepare for your UPSC exam which can provide daily updated editorials, Editorials in Hindi or Hindi Editorials, UPSC materials Telegram Channel, Telegram channel for UPSC test series, UPSC Telegram Channel, etc.

There are thousands of telegram channels created for UPSC preparation but most of them are posting just spammy things. So, we are here to aid and help you with our 121 Best telegram channels for UPSC list, it will definitely make it quite easy for you to join the telegram channels depending on your choice and need. We have prepared this list by selecting a very few popular UPSC Telegram Channel /s out of thousands of spammy channels. This would really helpful for the students as it is a ready-to-eat cake for the deserving aspirants.

UPSC Telegram Channel

Why Telegram Channel for UPSC? | Why UPSC Telegram Channel?

Telegram Channels for UPSC: As we all know the premium coaching centers have their dedicated online member portals, private and secret Facebook groups, Private Vimeo Channels, etc for their students and paid members. However, access to these channels and groups is quite expensive for a student who belongs to a financially unstable background.

That’s why there is a need for the resources that may fulfill this gap for such students. The Telegram groups and channels provide Current Affairs, NCERT / Other Book PDFs, Test Series, Editorials, and other materials absolutely free of cost to all the students/aspirants. Students may subscribe to these channels and may join the groups as per their choice. These are quite handy, easy to interact and regularly updated with UPSC materials.

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121+ Best Telegram Channels for UPSC | UPSC Telegram Channel and Group List

1. Editorials in HindiUPSC telegram channel Hindi

MUST FOR HINDI MEDIUM STUDENTS and for STUDENTS WHO WANTS THOROUGH ANALYSIS IN HINDI LANGUAGE.If you are an aspirant from Hindi medium background and searching for UPSC Telegram Channel then this channel is a boon for you. It provides editorials from various prestigious newspapers like The Hindu, Indian Express, Times of India, etc. readily translated into the Hindi language. It is the most appropriate channel for daily updated editorials, PDF materials, and on-demand content, which means subscribers can ask for translating any article/essay from any resource in the group attached to the channel. Publishers will shortly respond with desired content with a good explanation.Editorials in Hindi UPSC Telegram Channel also has a paired Telegram Group attached with the channel, where students / UPSC aspirants can share their views for group discussions, may ask the publishers to explain any topic relevant to UPSC regime, can ask for the literal translation of any article/essay from any source including Newspapers, Magazines, etc.In Short: Best telegram channel for UPSC Hindi medium

Join UPSC Prelims Test Series - 2023

जीतने का मौका पाने के लिए अभी अपना विवरण दर्ज करें।

2. Vision IAS UPSC Telegram Channel

The authority UPSC Telegram Channel handle of Vision IAS. The nation’s driving organization for Civil Services Examination readiness. You will get all Updates connected with UPSC Preparation from this UPSC Videos Telegram Channel here right away. The channel as of now has 2,81,493 individuals. This channel provides Current Affairs, Daily Quizzes, YouTube Videos, and Video Lectures. Click on the following UPSC Telegram Channel to join.

In short: UPSC video lectures telegram channel

3. Vajiram & Ravi Official Channel– UPSC Telegram Channel

M / S Vajiram & Ravi is a renowned institute in India that prepares candidates for the civil service exam at all three levels – Preliminary Test, Master Exam and Personality Test. The institute was founded in 1976 by Professor P. Velayutham, who has received a number of academic honors from India and abroad, including a degree in international law from the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Since its inception, the institute has assisted more than 5,000 students in establishing public services, including I.A.S., I.F.S., I.P.S. and other central services. Every year, some of our students are among the top ten successful candidates. The pedagogical staff of the department consists of qualified and experienced faculties of central universities and other renowned institutes. In order to provide quality education and guidance, there will usually be at least two teachers in each subject. In general studies, 10 teachers lead candidates. To provide reading materials for correspondence courses, the Institute has an exclusive correspondence training center that uses all the latest distance learning techniques to fully meet the needs of the candidate. Vajiram & Ravi also operate a Telegram Channel.

This is a UPSC Material Telegram Channel and UPSC Current Affairs Telegram Channel. The authority UPSC Telegram Channel of Vajiram and Ravi Official Channel. In this message Channel, you will get all Updates connected with UPSC Preparation from this channel here right away. The channel presently has 2,20,976 individuals at the time of writing this article. This channel provides Current Affairs, Daily Quizzes, General Studies. Join the UPSC Telegram Channel below.

4. UPSC Materials Prelims Mains Pdf Official Channel – UPSC Telegram Group

This is the Official UPSC Pdf Telegram Channel of freeupscmaterials.org. You will get all Updates from this Telegram Channel immediately, Don’t anticipate some other things. The channel presently has 2,04,207 individuals at the time of writing this article. This channel currently provides Current Affairs PDF, Daily Quizzes PDF, and All Study Material PDF. Join the UPSC Telegram Channel below.

5. 📚PDF Basket UPSC📕 Official Channel – UPSC Telegram Channel

This is the Official UPSC Telegram Channel of PDF Basket UPSC and UPSC Newspaper Telegram Channel. You will get all Pdf from this Telegram Channel in a flash. The channel right now has 32,656 individuals at the time of writing this article. It gives Study Material including All Premium books, All kinds of PDFs. Join the following UPSC Telegram Channel below.

6. Current Affairs UPSC Telegram Channel

This is a Best Channel On Telegram For the Preparation of UPSC, SSC, Banking, Railway, Insurance, Defense, and All Other Competitive Exams. It has currently 5,87,905 individuals as subscribers at the time of writing this post/article.

Join the UPSC Telegram Channel below:

7. Civil Services PDF – UPSC Telegram Channel

A unique telegram group for UPSC that delivers all UPSC study materials each month as a vision in pdf format, which can be downloaded free of charge. Click on the following button to join the UPSC Telegram Channel.

8. Drishti IAS-HINDI UPSC Telegram Channel

An ideal IAS – UPSC Telegram Channel that places study notes and materials along with some questions and answers. There should be a telegram channel for everyone.

9. Shankar IAS Academy UPSC Telegram Channel

SHANKAR IAS ACADEMY, one of the best institutions in India for teaching and training thousands of civil servants, was founded in 2004. The Academy is nothing but a smile in the eyes of Mr. Shankar D in 2004, a graduate in agriculture (also an aspirant who qualified twice for the interview), developed for many years until she successfully helped more than 1,500 candidates fulfill their dream of becoming a bureaucrat and thousands more led to realize their potential. We are proud to have successfully contributed to the construction of the country, but to a small extent.

One of the best telegram channels for UPSC. The channel discusses current activities along with various study materials. Click on the button below to join UPSC Telegram Channel.

10. NCERT Books Official – UPSC Telegram Group

One of the leading telegram groups for IAS, where everything NCERT needs in preparation for UPSC is common.

11. IAS Topper – UPSC Telegram Channel

UPSC’s unique material telegram platform with more than 8 thousand subscribers at the time of writing this article. The channel discusses current activities along with regular skeptical sessions. Click on the button to subscribe UPSC Telegram Channel.

12. Chanakya IAS Academy – UPSC Telegram Channel

Chanakya IAS Academy ensures that students are provided with the most relevant and comprehensive factoring instructions for all parameters specified by the UPSC for the exam. Our main goal is therefore to offer applicants the best study materials developed by the most sought-after teachers.

The academy aims to develop a competitive approach among students with a good academic base. The Academy emphasizes the development of leadership, ethics and social responsibility to ensure that tomorrow’s bureaucrats do not fall into moral and ethical bankruptcy.

This UPSC Telegram Channel provides Current Affairs, Quizzes, PDF-Ebooks, etc.

Click on the following button to join UPSC Telegram Channel.

13. RAU’S IAS Study Circle – UPSC Telegram Channel

The study circle was created by Dr. S. Rau in 1953 as an independent body with the aim of establishing a comparison institution to achieve excellence in the most difficult competitive test in the country, the Indian administrative test, which has now arrived. known as the civil service exam. During this long time, the Study Circle has become a unique fraternity of teachers and students who meet every year in search of a goal. Enthusiastic about success, the Study Circle erupts with enthusiasm into a river that is constantly changing, and yet it does not change its determination to achieve its ultimate goal.

During the journey, which lasted more than six decades, the Study Circle was at the highest point of real learning. Today, it is known as the most specialized institution of its kind in the country, reaching a consistently high level and achieving remarkable honors in achieving the highest success in the civil service exam. RAU’s also operate a UPSC Telegram Channel.

This UPSC Telegram Channel provides Test Series for the current session.

14. UNACADEMY UPSC Preparation – UPSC Telegram Channel

Unacademy is an online platform that facilitates learning and teaching through educational videos and lectures. It was originally built in 2010 with video streaming on YouTube, but was officially launched in 2015. It was founded by none other than the UPSC topper Roman Saini himself.

UNACADEMY started as a Youtube channel and gradually became a popular learning platform for the students/aspirants. The quality of study material provided by UNACADEMY and its consistency are of very good standards. They also operate a UPSC Telegram Channel.

A unique group of telegrams for the UPSC. All test and practice materials are available on this platform. Unacademy also actively operates a UPSC Telegram Channel. Click on the following button to join the UPSC Telegram Channel.

15. SRIRAM’s IAS – UPSC Telegram Channel

SRIRANGAM SRIRAM was founded more than 3 decades ago and SRIRAM’s IAS was established as one of the leading institutions in India with a vision to become a Center of Excellence and a mission to develop knowledge and new leaders.

We are a leading institution focused on training candidates who take the civil service exam. We have 35 years of experience in leading successful candidates for prestigious government positions.

Our faculty is normally at home, although we borrow services from renowned professors and government officials (civil and defense). We have come up with techniques and methods to shorten the learning curve because we deal with thousands of good young minds every year. We are reluctant to brag about our success because most of the students’ work belongs to them. You can be sure that our success rate is the highest. Sriram’s IAS also has a very popular UPSC Telegram Channel, click on the button below to subscribe to the UPSC Telegram Channel.

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Table List of 50 Best UPSC Telegram Channel | UPSC Telegram Channel

UPSC Materials Telegram Channel | Telegram Channel for UPSC Test Series | Best Telegram Channels for UPSC preparation | Telegram channels for UPSC Current Affairs | UPSC Telegram Channel Hindi | Telegram UPSC Channels

Now you know that Editorials in Hindi is the best UPSC Telegram channel and the most suitable for preparing the UPSC-CSE examination for Hindi medium students. The link to participate in the various UPSC Telegram Channels are provided in the following table for your ready reference. You can participate by clicking the Join Now button on any UPSC Telegram Channel.

50 Best UPSC Telegram Channel Link

UPSC Telegram Channel Join Link
Editorials in Hindi Join Now
Vision IAS Join Now
Vajiram & Ravi Official Channel Join Now
UPSC Materials Prelims Mains Pdf Official Channel Join Now
📚PDF Basket UPSC📕 Official Channel Join Now
Current Affairs Join Now
Civil Services PDF Join Now
Drishti IAS-HINDI Join Now
Shankar IAS Academy Join Now
NCERT Books Official Join Now
UPSC Prelims Mains Test Series For Exams Join Now
UPSC Prelims Test Series Join Now
UPSC Mains Test Series Join Now
UPSC Optional Test Series Join Now
NCERT Books Official📕 Join Now
📚UPSC Books Store📚 Join Now
UPSC Topper Notes NCERT Join Now
Study Questions UPSC GK Quiz ™ Join Now
General Knowledge Daily GK Quiz CTET Join Now
Online Gk Quiz™🥇 Join Now
Gk Quiz Area™ { General Knowledge GK Quiz) Join Now
The Hindu News Papers UPSC Join Now
Gk Quiz (Bilingual) Join Now
General Studies Join Now
General Knowledge Samanya Gyan Join Now
PSC Newspaper Current affairs Join Now
Pocket GK: Quiz, Material, News, etc Join Now
Current 365 Join Now
News Update Join Now
DS GuruJi GK, General Knowledge Join Now
UPSC in Focus Join Now
Sriram IAS Delhi Join Now
Clear IAS Join Now

13 Best UPSC Telegram Group Link

Apart from UPSC Telegram Channel, Now you know that Editorials in Hindi Group is the best for preparing UPSC Editorials in Hindi. The link to the various telegram groups is given in the table below. You can participate by clicking the Join Now button.

13 Best UPSC Telegram Group Link

UPSC Telegram Group Join Link
Editorials in Hindi Join Now
E – Books™. Join Now
Gk Quiz Odia 👩‍🏫🌎🌎🖊📚 Join Now
Exam365 Bengali Join Now
UPSC Dream Group Join Now
Dream IAS Group Join Now
UPSC IAS 2022 Group Join Now

Which Telegram channel is best for UPSC?

The best and most popular UPSC telegram channel for IAS / UPSC civil service exam preparation are:

  1. Editorials in Hindi –  MUST FOR HINDI MEDIUM STUDENTS and FOR THOROUGH ANALYSIS, it is the best UPSC Telegram Channel
  2. VISION IAS Optional Test Series – UPSC Telegram Channel
  3. NCERT Books Official [Government Handled] – UPSC Telegram Channel
  4. VAJIRAM & RAVI – UPSC Telegram Channel – UPSC Telegram Channel

What is a Telegram Channel?

Channels are a tool for sending your public messages to a wide audience. They offer a unique opportunity to instantly reach people and send alerts to their phones with every post.

Telegram channels can have an unlimited number of subscribers and only administrators have the right to subscribe. Unlike telegram groups, channels display the name and photo of the channel next to the messages – instead of who publishes them.

Is Telegram useful for UPSC? | Is UPSC Telegram Channel Useful?

Students prefer online preparation for many reasons. The main reasons are time and money management. And most importantly, it helps prevent problems in a new place or city.
Particularly, in this situation, Telegram Channels plays a very important role as the students can read the Current Affairs, Participate in Quizzes, Read Editorials, etc in a very handy way through their mobile phones, tablet, laptop, etc. Aspirants need resources they can rely on to provide them with accurate and up-to-date study materials. Therefore, the choice was made to cross out the grammar of the UPSC telegram channel.

UPSC Telegram Channel can assist you very much in your UPSC preparations.

Why do you need a list of the Best UPSC Telegram Channels and Groups for UPSC-CSE preparation?

Sharing multiple files is also possible with the Telegram group, making it easier for students to prepare for multiple exams such as UPSC, sharing learning materials, e-books, and reading videos. Apart from this, Students can directly ask publishers to elaborate on the various UPSC topics, on-demand essays or articles, etc. For example in Editorials in Hindi Telegram Group, participants can ask the publishers to convert any article that is in English to publish in Hindi with effective definitions.


We hope that in this post you will like all the information provided by the UPSC telegram preparation channels and groups and that you will certainly choose the correct and correct telegram channel by reading all the information in this post.

We will keep updating these lists of UPSC Telegram Channels and UPSC Telegram Groups with fresh links regularly. We hope you have found your desired UPSC Telegram Channel. However, Keep Visiting!